Skype Lessons

Online Saxophone Lessons

To make real progress on your own you are going to need some personal guidance.  Learning Saxophone from videos is a great start but bad habits are almost guaranteed and if you have found that your playing has begun to plateau, then bad habits are probably to blame.  One on One Saxophone Lessons will push your playing to the next level and give you invaluable feedback.

What does a Skype Saxophone Lesson consist of?

60 minutes of One on One Tuition.   We will cover anything that you are presently struggling with or kick start a practise routine.  I will provide you with fresh material/backing tracks.  If there is something specific you'd like to cover, or a song you'd like to learn let me know before hand and I'll have the material prepared before your lesson.

You will also receive a Document containing everything we covered in the lesson plus things to work on.  

I've only just started, will I REALLY benefit from Saxophone lessons?

Absolutely, the early stages of learning Saxophone are the most crucial in establishing good practise technique.  It is always best to start with a blank canvas!  I have over 15 years experience of teaching people Saxophone from when they first take the instrument out of the box.

I've never used Skype, what do I need?

First of all you need Skype (or Google Talk) you can download Skype from

You will also need a Webcam with Microphone (either built in or separate!)

Your Saxophone.

I would like a regular lesson once a week, is that a possibility?

Although a lot can be gained from just one session, multiple sessions is definitely the way to build a routine and take your playing to the next level.  Remember - buy more lessons, not equipment!

Please get in touch with me to book your lessons - [email protected]