Summary of Stage 3

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 03 Mar 15:17

This video contains a Practise Routine and Summary of Stage 3 of Dan Christian's Free Online Saxophone Beginner's Course.

BC312 - Practise List for Stage 3

Things that should be in your daily practise list for this stage of the beginner’s course...

1. Long tones – Vibrato – Lip Slurs – Straight note listening carefully to the sound. Different notes – Don’t always choose G :-)

2. Scales – C major (low C to High C with the Octave Key), G major (f#), F major (Bb) and D major (2 octaves – low D to High Palm Key D)

3. D Blues Scale – Swung Rhythms – Improvisation

4. Playing Tunes on different starting notes (Transposition)

5. Songs:  Hey Jude, Careless Whisper and Mancini Inspired Sax Riff

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