How to play the Tequila Solo

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 03 Oct 10:53

This free online saxophone lesson shows you how to play the Saxophone Solo from Tequila by The Champs.

How to play the Saxophone Solo from Tequila by The Champs

How to play the Saxophone Solo from anything effectively?  Practise it slowly!

The Saxophone Solo Break Down

1.  Section one focuses on the ornamentation (Acciacciaturas between the first 8 B's)  the best fingering to use is the 1 and 1 fingering as discussed in this Saxophone Lesson on Bb fingerings.  There is also a saxophone technique called Growling/Flutter Tonguing used during this Sax Solo.  If you don't know what these Techniques are then you should probably start at this Saxophone Lesson before attempting it.  

2.  The second section is based around a 4 note motif - GAGF.  In the video Dan discusses some Saxophone Practice Techniques designed to help you nail awkward passages effectively.  

3.  The third section uses a Trill and some much simpler runs until the end.  

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