How to play Firework by Katy Perry on Saxophone (Saxophone lesson PS101)

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 06 Nov 22:01

Katy Perry (famous for being 11 days older than me ;)) is an American singer/Songwriter and today I'll be teaching you how to play her fairly well known song: Firework. I'm open to requests rather than doing what I feel like so if you have any particular favourite (from pretty much any genre of music) post them below and i'll get to them :-)

The Online lesson...

Katy Perry - Firework is a great, inspiring song and also fairly easy to play on saxophone! There are really only 4 parts to the song: Verses / Chorus / Bridge / Link and Outro. If you play Tenor Saxophone and want me to cover it on that I may be persuaded if time/enough people ask!

This lesson covers how to play Katy Perry - Firework on Saxophone. The tutorial is aimed at getting you to play along with the original tune, with feeling and rhythm! :D Not just pump out the letters and see if it works :P

This is the first of the series of "Pop" Saxophone tunes by Saxophonist Dan Christian. More tutorials, videos, musings available at!

I'm also looking for volunteers to translate these videos into other languages, if you appreciate what I do and fancy helping out please let me know :-)

Please note that I am teaching these songs via Online Video by showing you exactly what to as well as telling you the notes.  You can also pause the online videos as I play a phrase and try and work it out for yourself...this is really valuable and something that you can take especially well from online saxophone lessons particularly!

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