BC406 - G Blues Scale

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 22 Apr 14:26

In this Free Online Saxophone Beginners Video Lesson, Dan shows you how to play the G blues scale on Saxophone and gives you a few tips on how to practise and use it effectively when you begin to improvise.

Getting Bluesy With it

After this lesson you should know 2 Blues Scales.

The Notes...

G Bb  C  C#  D  F  G  

Saxophone Practise Tip Number 1

Play the scale steadily up and down in a variety of Rhythms as you have (hopefully!) been doing with the other scales

Saxophone Practise Tip Number 2

Extend the range to a 12th as illustrated in the free video.

Saxophone Practise Tip Number 3

Play with patterns, choose the first couple of notes and bounce between them.  Choose random notes and try and make a mini Improvisation.

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