BC310 - Chromatic Scale

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 27 Jan 21:00

This free online saxophone lesson tells you about the chromatic scale and how to practice it on any saxophone.

Chromatic Scale - There can only be one...

One of the best things about the Chromatic scale is that once you can play one on the Saxophone you can play all of them.  The Chromatic scale is a series of semitones or steps if you look at the piano.  The video above guides you around the Chromatic Scale on Piano but this is also a nice way to visualise the scale for saxophone too.

Oops and Downs

On Saxophone it is vitally important that we can play both Sharps (#'s) and Flats (b's)  a sharp is a step (Or Semitone) higher and a flat is a step (or semitone) lower as illustrated in the video above.  If you look at the image of the piano a step from a black key to a white key or a white key to the next nearest black key is called a semitone.  

Ascending notes of the chromatic scale starting on G ---->   G  G# A  A#  B  C  C#  D  D#  E  F  F#  G

Descending notes of the chromatic scale starting on G ----->  G Gb F  E  Eb  D  Db  C  B  Bb  A  Ab  G

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