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Posted by Daniel Christian on 17 Dec 22:22

This video covers Palm Key D and how to play and practise D Major over 2 Octaves.

How to play Palm Key D and the D Major Scale + Arpeggio over 2 Octaves

Palm Key D

Palm key D, on the saxophone, is the closest palm key available to you and is played by using the palm of your hand.  The exact part of the palm you use to press this key varies depending on the size of your hands and arm length.  However, you should still keep a "curved" shape in your fingers and hand in order to avoid pressing any other keys, accidentally.  The palm Key D is a bit of a pain for technique, when people play palm key D they often straighten out the rest of their fingers causing a large lag between playing that note and the next.  Be sure to keep your fingers as close to the normal pearl keys as possible without hindering your movement.  Keep the octave key down as you play this note (although it is not absolutely essential on most Saxophones)

If Palm key D sounds weak or strangled try adding more mouthpiece, if that doesn't work try raising your eye brows, if that doesn't work imagine singing the note while making an "e" shape in your throat.

D major scale

The Key of D major has 2 sharps as we found on in the last video - F# and C#

The notes we will play for this scale in Ascending order are: D E F# G A B C# D then this is repeated once more but with the octave key added.

Practise Routine 1

Play the scale smoothly (aim for doing it in one breath up and down but breath at the top of the scale at first)

Play the scale whilst using your tongue to separate each note.

Increase the tempo gradually over a series of days

Practise Routine 2

Play the arpeggio up and down smoothly

Play the arpeggio up and down tongued

Increase the tempo gradually over a series of days

Practise Routine 3

Pick out your weakest movements from the scale and Practise those slowly eg High B -->High C#---> Palm key  B C# D C# B back and forth a few times.

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