BC208 - Mastering the key of G Major

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 09 Nov 15:53

Ear Training exercise for all Saxes! Ear training is one of the best practises you can do on any instrument and the benefits are endless. This beginner saxophone lesson video uses all the notes from the G major scale in order to train you to play, transcribe and recognise notes in that key.

Want to get good at improvising on saxophone? Want to be able to master composition? Want to be able to impress your friends? Start by mastering G major! :) This video uses saxophone lessons covered earlier by Dan Christian, if you don't know anything in this video please make sure you haven't skipped any previous Saxophone Lesson in the series :)

This saxophone video and more are available at http:///www.danchristian.net. Dam Christian is a Saxophone Teacher based in Chesterfield, England and has been teach

The answers are in the pdf, go click the icon :-)

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