BC206 Saxophone lesson on F sharp and the G major Scale Saxophone Lesson

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 06 Nov 21:59

This saxophone lesson by Dan Christian covers how to play F#, the G Major Scale and some practise tips on how to get used to playing them. This is the precursor to some saxophone songs that use both the scale, arpeggio and the note F# so make sure you can nail everything in this video before moving on!

Tonight is the relaunch of danchristian.net - the home of all of these free sax lessons so come and join me and send me some feedback as to what you think of the new look website =)

This is part of stage 2 of Dan's totally free saxophone beginners course and covers some saxophone concepts that were previous covered in other videos. Do make sure you've checked them out as this course is carefully structured for YOU! :o)

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