BC112 - Summary and building an effective practise routine on saxophone

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 06 Nov 21:45

Here Dan teaches you how to build an effective saxophone practise routine for Stage 1. This is the last online beginner saxophone video lesson in Stage 1 of Dan Christian's 100% free beginners saxophone course. Don't move on from Stage 1 until you are happy with the entirety of this video!

The final online beginner saxophone lesson for Stage 1

Remember that 20 minutes of daily practise beats the pants off of 9 hours once a week!! You need time to build neural pathways for muscle memory and you need time to digest information to get the most out of post practise improvement (concepts that I will explore with you in later videos! :))

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Stage 1 Summary

By now, you should be able to do the following:
• Put together your saxophone
• Assemble your mouthpiece and crook
• Blow a steady consistent tone with the crook(neck) and mouthpiece alone
• Tongue neatly whilst blowing
• Be able, to some degree, to recognize the notes CBAGFED by ear on saxophone or at least be able to match the pitch by using the sax as a reference tool.
• Be able to play snippets from either/all of Ain't no Sunshine, I want to break free + Titanium
• Be able to go up and down the C major scale steadily and neatly
• Be able to consistently play low C at a comfortable volume and be working on removing the "explosive" start to the sound.
• Be able to achieve a basic vibrato without the use of your finger!
Practise Routine -- 20 mins a day!

- Stamina Building: Sustain a note with a crook and tuner -- for as long as possible (2 mins)

- Intonation Control: Sustain all of the notes you know and try to keep them in tune for 4 beats or simply sustain them evenly if you don't have a tuner. (3 mins)

- C major scale: 3x Up and down steadily increasing tempo each time ( Tongued, then Slurred, then tongued one day then slurred tongued slurred the next), 1x Playing Each note 4 times (2 mins)

- The C BAG FED Ear Training exercise video http://go.danchristian.net/BC107 more of these to come! (3 mins)

- Spend time learning the songs from the video and see if you can work any out for yourself! (10 mins +)

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