BC108 - Easy songs for Stage 1

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 05 Nov 20:10

Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers
I want to break free - Queen
Titanium - David Guetta (in the original key...play it with the video! :))

This is another totally free online saxophone lesson. Hope you enjoy these, great tunes and an awesome way to get your fingers around the first few notes on the Saxophone.

Playing songs is a fun and sure fire way to improve on the Saxophone.  Although only "Titanium" by David Guetta can be played with the original recording all of these songs work on every Saxophone.  

Listen carefully and try to avoid writing down the letter names when I tell you them.  Your ears are your best friend when trying to work out songs, but they need time to develop into finely tuned musical aids!  Try and learn a few notes at a time by memory: Listen, Pause, Try to repeat.  

Don't try to cram too much in at once!  If you find you're getting frustrated or your focus levels are diminishing take a break and come back later, the video isn't going anywhere!  We learn best when we repeat practise over a few sessions.  

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