BC104 - Part 2

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 05 Nov 20:08

The first practical aural test video! Make sure you skip to the Alto/Tenor tests at the end and practise some note recognition!

The 5th in a series of free Daily online saxophone video lessons coming from professional British born Saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Christian.

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Let the Sax be with you...

So, now you have ideal hand position, you are relaxed and you are stood with feet shoulder width apart.  Make sure that you adjust your next strap so that the mouthpiece just scrapes your top lip before sitting in your mouth.  Remember to use the embouchure we have been practising in these videos, no funny business now! ^_~ Remember you can adjust the neck screw to adjust the crook slightly if you need to, as long as the octave key doesn't vent (lift up) on the crook it's absolutely fine.  Don't chase or lean into your Saxophone, the Saxophone should come to you!

Your first three notes: BAG

Remember to avoid the Spatula or first lever key and the Bis (small key) pressing down the first normal pearl key will allow you to play the note B, try this now!  Are you squeaking?  Does it sound strangled?  If so, remember positioning: Too much mouthpiece = squeak, too little mouthpiece = strangled.  Are you arching your tongue? This can also make you squeak.  Serious Problems? Send me a message.

First Key = B

First two large keys = A

First three keys in the left hand = G

Notice how the more holes in the tube of the Saxophone you close, the lower the sound.  We'll discuss this more later.

As you do the following exercise really listen to each note.  How much lower is A than B? Can you hear it? Can you hear any qualities in the notes? Notice how B sound a little "thinner" than G for example.  We are trying to train your ears to recognise the frequencies.

Exercise 1

Play a B, make it sing! I mean REALLY sing, get it sound AMAZING.  Good, now, how long can you hold it on for?  Try holding it on for 10 seconds, then 15, then 20. We're aiming to be able to hold it on for up to 45 seconds....eventually!

Try tonguing a B again with a metronome, 60 BPM then 65 BPM etc

Do this on each note.

Exercise 2 - Finger Drills

Try to alternate between B + A getting your middle finger moving up and down BABABABABA and while you do this count in your head, 12121212 then double the speed and think 1+(and)2+1+2+1+2+ 

1 min B - A

1 min A - G

1 min B - G

Exercise 3 - Aural Exercise

Do the ear training section in the above video...can you tell what it is yet? :)

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