BC103 - Piano through Improv

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 01 Oct 20:41

This free online piano lesson shows you how to do some basic improvisation and gives you a few tests to try out your musical ear!

Fingers? Who needs Fingers? How to use your ears to learn piano...

This free piano lesson expands upon the 12345 positioning taught in Piano Beginners Course BC102.  This lesson contains a vital skill required to effectively play the piano without any sheet music in front of you - Playing by Ear.  Playing by ear is incredibly useful, especially for playing songs you really like right off the bat.  It's not an easy skill to learn and requires some degree of genetic talent to be brilliant, but with time and patience you WILL be able to play piano by ear.

The second skill introduced in this video is Piano Improvisation, a fun and exciting skill.  I ask you to make up your own tune using a simple accompaniment in the LH.  If you're feeling brave you could even switch your hands around and try playing the melody in the left hand instead!


1.  Create your own Simple Melody in your right hand, using just the notes CDEFG and 5 + 2 in the LH

1a.  If you're feeling brave try a Piano Melody that plays in the LH instead, using 1 and 4 to play the accompaniment instead.

2.  Complete the Melody and Guess the Tune - Try to play the tunes in both hands!

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