BC101 - Piano Intro

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Posted by Daniel Christian on 28 Sep 14:15

In the first of a series of 100% Free Online Piano Lessons Dan shows you some Piano anatomy and gets you playing all the notes on the Piano.

Introducing the Piano - Beginners Piano Lesson BC101

What are the notes?

The Piano has LOADS of keys but to be honest there are only seven musical letter names.  Our Musical alphabet runs from A --> G and the piano keys copy this order verbatim.

The notes on the piano from A are: A B C D E F G with black notes (Sharps and Flats) separating 'most' of them.  The video shows you how to find all the notes on the piano and gives you an introduction to the flats and sharps.  You'll soon be playing your first tune once you can find the write notes on the piano!

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