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I'm currently in the process of adding these.  If you would like to submit a testimonial for this page and tell me how you've been finding the Beginners Course, Songs, Music, Site or Lessons.  Please Let me know!

“Molly came to Daniel over two years ago. At the time her confidence was low and she was close to stopping playing. So when her old tutor decided to retire we took the opportunity to try and find another teacher.


Daniel is brilliant, his lessons are well organised and he delivers them with real enthusiasm and energy. Molly has developed and grown under his instruction. Nothing is too much and he encourages her all the way. Molly loves her lessons so much that she has now decided to follow a career in music and has recently been accepted at Leeds College of Music. We have no doubt that this would not have been possible without Daniel, and as parents we are extremely grateful that our daughter has this opportunity. And whatever the future holds for Molly, we know that Daniel will continue his support on her journey.

Thank you Daniel.”

Vicky Schofield

Hi Dan,

Just a quick note to say how much I look forward to my lesson each week. At my age, a teacher with the patience of a saint is absolutely essential, and that is exactly what we get with you. Your approach to teaching is very refreshing and I cant believe how quickly I've progressed since I started my lessons. I doubt I will ever be 'Top Billing' at Johnny Dankworths jazz club but that was never my intention, but to be able to knock out a few recognizable tunes for my own entertainment was. It seems now the odd concert is not beyond possibility thanks to your encouragement. It's a pleasure to spend time learning to play such a cool instrument from such an accomplished musician, and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

So glad I made that call after finding you on the 'net, keep up the great work,

Paul T.

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say thanks for all your effort in helping people like me to improve on the sax.
The internet is very fortunate to have many generous ppl sharing knowledge and you are one of the best with a really good knowledge and skill and a fantastic way of putting it over, so easy to follow and understand. Brilliant and thanks

Anaxion100 (YouTube)

Thank you Dan. Your video lessons helped a whole lot I just bought an alto saxophone yesterday and hands down you have the best you tube lessons great tips and thanks for showing the fingering in depth... thumbs up looking forward to more videos. Much Appreciated.

picassoartexotics (YouTube)

I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while now. After years of me saying how much I like the Sax and me starring at them in music shop windows, about 3 months ago my wife bought me an Alto Sax. (I’m 63) I bought myself a tune a day for the Sax started on that for a few days, and then I found your course on YouTube. Thank you so much. Since then I’ve been following your course and using the book. I’ve heard of golf widows, my wife is now a Sax widow (maybe that was the plan :0 )
I’ve started getting up ½ hr. earlier take the dog out for a walk then back to wake the household up with ½ hr.’s practice. Home from work a cup of tea (I find that helps me ) and 1-2 hr.'s practice. I’m into the BC3’s now although I have tried a BC4 (low b flat). The first attempt at that the dog started howling (critics everywhere), now he just hides. I still can’t do the extreme workout yet most but not all, the 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 rhythm with a single breath kills me (that’s where the tea helps )
However “Mercy Mercy” and the “Theme from the Godfather” are coming on nicely and my daughter was impressed with “Ain’t no Sunshine” after just over a weeks practice, although I need to try and work out how that continues on.
The trouble is now I want a tenor Sax too. Sometime next year possibly when I’ve mastered that low B flat and can palm that high D smoothly. Maybe I should just go on about it at home, and my wife may buy one for me.
Time for the dog to hide. I feel like trying to playing the Mancini Blues riff and the D blues scale
Thank you for your course and your enthusiasm, keep up the excellent work
Will Smith (Yes that’s my real name)

Yes it was fabulous.... you did and always do very well on all your vids. I have played alto since 97 (8th grade) and I have seen almost all of your vids (and played along to them too.) I went about 6 years without touching my sax, (started back up in early august) and was feeling as though I would be very rusty to say the least, but watching your beginners course helped me remember (and even taught) me several things, and now I feel just as confident as I did (maybe a smidge more) than when I played in High School. Thank you very much for helping to develop/re-develop my playing.

Corey McCarthy

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