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Recommended Products for Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano

This page contains products and reviews of the latest Sheet Music, Products, Accessories and Instruments for Saxophone, Piano and Clarinet. All of the products on here have been either, used by myself of by friends and are highly recommended.

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Saxophone Books

The Haynes Saxophone Manual - Stephen Howard

The Haynes Saxophone Manual is a must have for every serious Saxophone player. The book is very well written and the pictures and diagrams are produced at a very high standard.   It should be said that this book is NOT a replacement for an instrument technician.  The book covers, in detail, how the saxophone works and common failings of the instrument.  Usefully, the book contains ways to fix simple common Saxophone issues that you may have otherwise needed to have gone to a repairer for or fixes that may work until you get chance to take it to your technician.  

The manual is very easy to follow, attuning itself alongside other Haynes manuals contains a usefully step by step guide on how to fix certain issues and the tools that you will need.  It is astounding how many people play the Saxophone, in some cases to a very high standard, and really know very little about how the Saxophone works or what indeed may be going wrong with the instrument when they run into issues.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book and it is extremely good value for £13.99, here is an Amazon Link

24 Play-along Standards (Intermediate Difficulty Level)