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Skype / Google Talk Saxophone Lessons Now Available!

By dan.

Skype Saxophone Lessons now available from the Skype Saxophone Lesson Page!

You can now purchase a block of, or a single lesson from the Skype Saxophone Lessons page but hurry as numbers are limited and I will pull the button once numbers are full.

Free Online Saxophone Lessons and Saxophone Fingering Chart - Update

By dan.

Check out this step by step Saxophone Beginners Course created by Dan Christian - Click here to start your lessons now!


Help more people learn Saxophone Online FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE


Learning Saxophone Solely Online - Is it really possible...?

By dan.

You know, wouldn't it be amazing if I could play that solo from...

I've now taught thousands of hours of Saxophone; people of all shapes, sizes, ages and every mature student that has walked through my door in response to me asking: "Why did you...

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