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By dan

Learn Saxophone Online - Brand New Website

Hi everyone and first of all apologies because, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've not been all that active on DanChristian.net recently. The reason for this is because I've been working on preparing content for the next level in the evolution of my work here. I have been working on a new site called SaxCasts.com. This website has allowed me to spend much more time on each video, structure courses and create resources to infinitely enhance the amount of learning for you guys.

New Kid on the Block - Meet Jon

Launching a new website has also allowed me to bring a good friend and Saxophone Collosus - Jonathan Hibbard. Jon is going to be handling the majority of the Style Modules on the website. He specialises in Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll and Improvisation and on top of being a world class educator he is a really experienced "working" sax player too. He has played everywhere from the Jazz Cafe to Glastonbury and he has a LOT to offer. Check out the new videos on SaxCasts.com to see him in action and read a little more about him here

Features of SaxCasts

Now this is the part that I'm REALLY excited about. The team at CourseCrunch have been working around the clock for me and they have created a fantastically designed website that looks absolutely amazing. The site is currently equipped to deliver videos, without the need to go to YouTube to see my lessons, which means all my videos are now available for you to enjoy in one place, yay! Secondly, you have the ability to create your own account over there which means I can track you progress and keep an eye on what you're up to (in a non creepy way). This will give me a sense of where you are up to in the courses, allow me to get personalised info about your ability if you choose the Monthly 1-1 Session Package. All videos will come with a backing track and/or PDF file to accompany the lesson meaning you will have the opportunity to practise away from the website. 

Features coming soon:

  • Learning Pathways - We currently have Saxophone Courses available to work through (in the same style as the free one here) but the pathways will allow you to branch out into other areas.  You might begin with Saxophone basics but then fork off into a Blues Course and Learn to improvise after which you can move onto more advanced Jazz Courses.
  • Trophies/Badges - We have a reward system that will track your progress and reward you for completing quizzes and videos throughout the courses
  • Experience Points - The more you watch and play the more experienced you become, the SaxCasts will track this and you will "level up" based on your experience allowing you to see just how far you've come!
  • A Store, Forums and much more

Saxophone Video Lesson Changes

Due to the support of subscribers I have finally been able to invest in a couple of new cameras to really show you what going on "under the hood". You will now be able to see close ups of the Sax in detail so you can see exactly what my fingers are doing. Each video will contain "music stave overlays" meaning that I can finally teach you all how to READ music and reinforce this each lesson. You'll be fluent in now time!

Invest to Succeed

SaxCasts is not free, but it is WORTH the tiny monthly cost that I ask. As of this moment (5th August, 2014) I have over 50 videos live on the website and many more waiting to be released plus the new videos I'm filming. Each video has been planned down to each final detail to really make sure it is of value to you. Invest in your playing and I promise that your ability will sky rocket. Rather than buying another mouthpiece (that probably isn't suited to you) buy a years membership to the site and really see how much better you can sound.  

So, that's all from me. I hope to see you over at SaxCasts, where together we'll really get your Sax playing taken to the next level.

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