Saxophones, Clarinet and Piano MEGA DAY - Students' Concert 2013

By dan

Mission Improbable...

September 2013, Sheffield, Chesterfield Area in England, outdoor concert?  CRAZY IDEA!  But we somehow managed a beautiful day with excellent weather for a Summeresque BBQ and the entertainment of well over forty Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano players, family and friends some of whom had travelled from as far as Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster.   The day went tremendously well and had way more attendees this year than last, which is a great sign. 

Playing in front of others

Taking up an instrument, for most people, isn't a professional exercise.  It's supposed to be enjoyable, fun; aims include being able to play Bakers Street on the Saxophone, Boogie Woogie Piano or Gershwin on Clarinet.  Music can be a very intimate thing, it allows you to express yourself in ways that you simply can't in most other scenarios that crop up in life and allowing people to see this can be incredibly difficult for many people.  Everybody did great and the informal, fun arrangement of the day helped somewhat to calm nerves and allow people to enjoy their moment in the spotlight.  

Benefits of Live Performance

Gaining practical experience is vital to improving.   You never really know how stable your embouchure, technique, piece is until you try it under a bit of pressure and the ability to calm your nerves and rely upon what you have achieved in the practice room is vital.   If you can pull of a performance in front of fellow musicians then you can perform anywhere! 

Well done!

Well I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I think everyone who watched and participated did to.  It was a great day and we even managed to play a few ensemble pieces together which was thoroughly enjoyable!

Roll on 2014 :-)

Some pictures can be found here

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