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By dan

Happy Christmas!

Myself and Andy yates, have been burning the candle at both ends to get up to speed with the YouTube Channel I've been running.  The site has nearly 40 totally free video tutorials on Saxophone for you guys to work through in a structured way.  I hope you're enjoying learning from them as much as I enjoyed filming them!  I've got some great feedback so far but I'm always keen to hear from everyone who has used the site.

It's got a widget.

Andy yates has added a comments widget to the bottom of each page to allow you to ask questions or comment about each individual video.  If you have a problem or comment to make about the video, or you just want to have a chat about something related to the topic feel free to post.  I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Free Sheet Music

I've added a few little compositions I did for intermediate Saxophone Players, feel free to check it out on the Free Sheet Music page 


I REALLY want to keep this site free for everyone but unfortunately I do  need to earn a living.  I haven't received any donations yet toward the upkeep of the site meaning that I've been forced to focus on Private Teaching once again.  Every donation I receive really does motivate me to keep adding free videos for those who haven't got the time or funds for private saxophone lessons.  Every little helps even as little as a £10 one off donation or £5 a month from each visitor would allow me to spend a day a week filming free videos for you all.  

...and finally...

I wish you all the best for Christmas and an awesome New year.

PS:  It's not too late to learn Fairy Tale of New York to surprise your family on Christmas Day! The bells are ringin' out and so am I. 

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