Content Overhaul in Progress!

By dan

Hello everybody!

Thank you all for visiting, the site traffic since relaunch has quadrupled, please tell your friends if you think this site will be of use to them!  Also, thank you for the feedback to the videos, the response has been sensational and getting feedback really helps me improve the service.

Just a quick post to tell you all that I'm in the process of writing up extra details to accompany every video, all that info that is a bit too time consuming to put into 5 minutes of video will be written underneath on the video page.  This is quite time consuming so I'm pausing recording new material until I've caught up with the website.  

Do recheck the video pages to catch up if you've already worked through the lessons as the new content is REALLY important!  

Also make sure to send me a message requesting any songs/techniques or queries.  I'd love to hear from you and, a not so subtle plug, if you enjoy the site and want to help it grow please consider donating so I can afford to keep putting time in to fresh content :-)

Thanks everyone,


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