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Which Saxophone should I buy? Saxophones by Budget.

By dan.

Buying your first Saxophone

I played on Elkhart 100 Series when I first started playing, it started me off well and I apparently made a good sound.  Some years later and no doubt after my parents believed that I was going to stick with the...

Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano Lessons available + other Services

By dan.
Chesterfield Crooked Spire

Dan is a Chesterfield based Saxophone Teacher with over 20 years playing and 10 years teaching experience

I teach Saxophone, Piano and Clarinet to people from Chesterfield, Worksop, Mansfield, Rotherham, Sheffield, Eckington, Renishaw, Matlock and Mosborough.  I also have a host of online saxophone lesson videos available on this website and I also offer Skype lessons if you live too far away to come for Saxophone, Piano or Clarinet Lessons in person...

Other services I offer include: weddings....

Musings on teaching composition

By dan.

“I want you to compose a piece of music. It must be around 3 minutes in length and the title must be ‘Spring Morning’, Go.” These were the words of my music teacher upon giving me my first composition lesson. I remember the looks of astonishment...

Paying your dues...

By dan.

Learning an instrument is much like any sport, language or new piece of flashy technology. You must go traverse the plethora of highs and lows in order to become proficient. Much like an athlete performs routine conditioning exercises we as...

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