Skype / Google Talk Saxophone Lessons Now Available!

By dan.

Skype Saxophone Lessons now available from the Skype Saxophone Lesson Page!

You can now purchase a block of, or a single lesson from the Skype Saxophone Lessons page but hurry as numbers are limited and I will pull the button once numbers are full.

Taking Online Saxophone Lessons to the next level

By dan.

Hi everyone and first of all apologies because, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've not been all that active on recently. The reason for this is because I've been working on preparing content for the next level in the evolution of my work here. I have been working on a new site called This website has allowed me to spend much more time on each video, structure courses and create resources to infinitely enhance the amount of learning for you guys.

Saxophones, Clarinet and Piano MEGA DAY - Students' Concert 2013

By dan.

Mission Improbable...

September 2013, Sheffield, Chesterfield Area in England, outdoor concert?  CRAZY IDEA!  But we somehow managed a beautiful day with excellent weather for a Summeresque BBQ and the entertainment of well over forty...

Free Online Saxophone Lessons and Saxophone Fingering Chart - Update

By dan.

Check out this step by step Saxophone Beginners Course created by Dan Christian - Click here to start your lessons now!


Help more people learn Saxophone Online FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE


The Free Online Saxophone Beginners Course - Progress Report

By dan.

Online Saxophone Beginners Course - Video Lesson Update

Beginners Saxophone Course Stage 3

This part of the saxophone beginners course is now complete, definitely make sure you add the information found in the practise summary in BC312 to your...

Five top ways to Practise Saxophone on the GO GO.

By dan.

Practise?  That der is a rather taboo subject in dees 'ere parts....

WHOOOAAAA. Practise?  Things are getting serious.  It will be of no surprise for me to tell you that Practise is the only way to improve.  There I said it:...

Learning Saxophone Solely Online - Is it really possible...?

By dan.

You know, wouldn't it be amazing if I could play that solo from...

I've now taught thousands of hours of Saxophone; people of all shapes, sizes, ages and every mature student that has walked through my door in response to me asking: "Why did you...

Which Saxophone should I buy? Saxophones by Budget.

By dan.

Buying your first Saxophone

I played on Elkhart 100 Series when I first started playing, it started me off well and I apparently made a good sound.  Some years later and no doubt after my parents believed that I was going to stick with the...

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